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It's been over a year since Tulle and Batiste released a floral collection, but Ditsy Charm is definitely worth the wait!

This stunning collection will be launching in the boutique Monday, August 15th at 9:00 am PST. It features an original floral print in three colorways: Moonless Black, Lavender Grey, and Dawn Pink. We've also managed to snag the Sharon Boho Blouse in Jet Black, because it's hard to go wrong with a black blouse. Contrasting borders, lace accents, and flowing fits combine to give you that timeless boho look that Tulle and Batiste is so well known for. You're definitely going to want to keep these beauties forever!

We've carefully selected a mix of styles and colorways that we just know you're going to love. Here are our impressions:

Alannah Maxi Dress in Moonless Black

Alannah Maxi Dress - Moonless Black

This maxi is an absolute stunner! The dark floral is perfect for the coming colder months, and the length is just right for pairing with boots. One important thing to note, Tulle and Batiste slightly altered the pattern placement after the photoshoot, so there is no longer a band of contrasting pattern around the hips. The resulting look is a lot cleaner. The fit is the same, but please refer to the hanging images for a better idea of how the current pattern placement looks.

Brenda Wrap Maxi Dress - Lavender Grey

Brenda Wrap Maxi Dress - Lavender Grey

This wrap maxi is a classic bohemian style that is super flattering. It has the usual special Tulle and Batiste touches, like lace accents, contrasting patterns, and a swirling, tiered skirt, but our favorite feature might be the hidden snaps at the waist. They're sturdy snaps--not those little flimsy things that constantly pop open--and do a fantastic job of keeping the wrap from opening unintentionally. They do limit the flexibility of the waist measurement somewhat, but they're worth it in our mind! Finally, note that the close-up images of the print are most accurate as far as color. This colorway is definitely a soft, warm grey rather than a pink as some of the stock images show.

Brenda Wrap Mini Dress in Dawn Pink

Brenda Wrap Mini Dress in Moonless Black

Brenda Wrap Mini Dress - Dawn Pink, Moonless Black

The mini version of the Brenda Wrap Dress has all the gorgeous features of the maxi (including those internal snaps!), but in a super wearable length. This dress is gorgeous paired with sandals, but it's also going to be fantastic paired with boots this fall and winter.

Sharon Boho Blouse in Moonless Black

Sharon Boho Blouse in Jet Black

Sharon Boho Blouse - Moonless Black, Jet Black

This blouse is as comfortable as it is flattering! The lace at the waist helps give it a lovely silhouette without hindering movement, and the sleeves are full without being impractical. We love it so much, we had to snag it in two colorways! Please note, the fabric used for the Jet Black is a rayon crepe, rather than the smooth rayon used for the rest of the collection, and that the cut of this colorway is slightly more relaxed than that for the Moonless Black colorway.

Jolie Flares in Moonless Black

Jolie Flares - Moonless Black

In case you're wondering how much we love these flares, well, we've been toying with carrying some of Tulle and Batiste's pants for years, and this pair finally made us do it! Made from lightweight, rippling fabric, these flares are super cute and super comfortable. They're easy to pair with the Sharon Boho Blouse or your favorite tee. These run true to size, but its worth noting that the upper waistband measurement is quite firm.

We love each and every piece from this collection, and from what we're hearing, we aren't the only ones!

Hopefully you find your favorites among our choices from the Ditsy Charm collection, but if there are styles or colorways you were hoping to see and do not, please reach out! We love feedback from our customers, and while we cannot accommodate every request, we are always open to reordering sold out styles/sizes or new styles if there is enough interest.

-- Sarah

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