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Update: Our last day will be 4/2/24, and there will be no further price drops. Everything is at its lowest, so if you love it, make it yours before someone else does!

After much consideration, we have decided to close up shop.

This isn't a decision we've made lightly, and of course we have mixed feelings about it. Honestly, the last 4.5 years have been an exciting whirlwind, and a lot of it has been SO MUCH FUN. But parts of it have also been very stressful and frustrating, and it's generally really difficult to compete as a small business, especially when social media algorithms work to actively hide your posts. (Seriously, please like, comment, and follow small businesses. Even if you have no intention of ever buying from them, your simple double click is SUCH a huge help because it impacts the algorithms and helps them compete against big companies that can afford to spend $100s every day on advertising.)

Regardless of whether things were going great or not, the shop took a lot of time and energy to run, while simultaneously never being big enough to support hiring full-time help. It has essentially become a full-time job on top of our regular, full-time jobs, and leaves no time for anything else.

In the end, it feels right to close up shop so that we can focus on other projects that we've been putting off (including our own jewelry line, so don't be surprised if you hear about that launching sometime in the next year!). 

But on to the details of the closing!

  • Prices are getting dropped waaaay down! As a result, no additional discount codes can be applied (we promise, there are some serious deals already there!).
  • All sales are final. This is true even if the item titles don't all say "final sale" yet. We're trying to clear things out, after all!
  • Please share news of the closing with your friends! 

Although we are announcing this now, it will take a little while to fully wind things up. During this time, the website will remain live and items will be available for purchase. We'll also check in periodically and provide a last warning right before we shut the website for good.

Finally, a HUGE thank you to everyone who has supported us over the years. We were able to keep going this long because of you, and we've formed some lovely friendships as a result. You all are seriously the best.

Much love,

- Sarah & Logan

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