For designer Annah Chakola, Annahmol is inextricably linked to the cultural patrimony of her homeland and the dualism inherent in her unique upbringing. World traveler and native daughter of Kerala, India, Annah is inspired by the sensuality of her homeland and the magical landscapes encountered in her adventures. The wistful yearning that permeates Annah’s work speaks of a deep, multi-generational connection to home, but it’s a nostalgia forged in the fire of global influences. Annahmol reflects the ethos of the stylish, modern woman. In the designer’s native tongue of Malayalam, ‘mol’ means daughter. Annahmol was a childhood nickname that clung so stubbornly to Chakola that she forsake it in a fit of teenage rebellion. After a decade honing her craft, Annahmol embodies the truth that identity is not seeking, but coming home.